Starting and Ending Business, changes in the registry of companies

– analysis of goals of planned business in terms of selection of the most optimal model (company, one-man business). Our advice also includes aspects of tax-law,

– comprehensive support to the Client in order to create a new business, either by registering a business, creating or buying a new company. We help our Clients throughout the process of preparing the relevant documentation (internal – partnership agreements, statutes, regulations or external – all kinds of applications to the authorities and courts), in finding a seat of the new entity, representing in proceedings before the courts and authorities.

– helping in finding the best from the point of view of the Client form of termination of business activity, for example liquidation, bankruptcy, removal from the register without liquidation. The selection of a suitable form is crucial in order to avoid unnecessary costs, eliminate or reduce the risk of liability to creditors after the termination of business, to avoid criminal responsibility.

– comprehensive measures aimed at efficient and limiting the costs and risks termination of the business.

Competition Law

– analysis of contracts for compliance with competition law,

– advising in competition law in order to avoid anti-competitive practices such as price fixing or division of market,

– representation in proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumers’ Protection and the Court of Competition and Consumers’ Protection.

Conversions, Fusions and due diligence

– analysis of the enterprise planned by the Client in terms of selection of the optimal form of its implementation in legal and tax terms,

– preparation of the plan of necessary steps along with the assessment of the related costs,

– preparation of all necessary documents such as agreements, the resolutions of the relevant bodies of companies, applications to the authorities, in particular to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumers’ Protection for consent to the concentration,

– preparation of concentration applications and representation before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in the course of concentration proceedings.

Consumers’ Protection Law

– preparation and analysis of regulations, contracts used by Clients in relations with their consumers for the presence of prohibited contractual provisions,

– advising in relation to consumer law in such areas as consumer credits, omnibus directive, for compliance of Clients activities with the consumer law and the case law of the President of the Competition and Consumers’ Protection Office,

– representing in proceedings before the President of the Office of Competition and Consumers’ Protection and the Court of Competition and Consumers’ Protection.

Labor law

– preparation / analysis of employment contracts, specific work contracts, mandate contracts, non-competition agreements,

– preparation / analysis of internal regulations in the field of labor law, such as work regulations, remuneration regulations,

– assistance in terminating employment contracts and other contracts,

– legalization of employment of foreigners.

Legal and Accounting Services

– corporate activities such as preparation and conduct of shareholders’ meetings, registration of changes in the companies registry and other registers,

– preparation of internal documents such as powers of attorney, internal regulations, including work regulations, resolutions, preparing/analyzing contracts with employees, contractors, representation before public authorities, contractors,

– conducting court, administrative and other proceedings.

– complete accounting services by cooperating accounting office.

Mediation, litigation, vindication

– analysis of the solvency of debtor,

– negotiations with Client’s debtors and contractors in order to reach an amicable settlement of a conflict or repayment of debt,

– sueing and representing Client in litigations, also in unusual procedures such as, for example, arbitration courts, the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection, the E-Court,

– lodging complaints and representing Client in front of administrative courts,

– starting and conducting debt enforcement proceedings

– application of additional methods of pressure on debtor

Bunkruptcy and restructuring

– advice in the event of loss of financial liquidity by the company in terms of undertaking actions aimed at reaching an agreement with creditors in order to repay the debt or bankruptcy of the company,

– advising members of the management board in terms of excluding their personal liability for the company’s debts,

– preparation of restructuring and bankruptcy applications, representation in pending proceedings.

Debt enforcement and contra enforcement actions

– advising creditors on taking appropriate actions to lead to effective debt enforcement, taking into account the debtor’s financial potential, the number of creditors and other relevant factors,

– use of various institutions such as actio pauliana, mortgage or other type of security, debtor’s liability under criminal law,

– advising debtors on actions aimed at hindering or preventing effective enforcement against them,

– representation in the course of enforcement proceedings under the Civil Code and the Act on enforcement in administration,

Trade agreements

– preparation of various types of contracts – distribution, sales, production, for specific work, for the transfer of copyrights, license, with particular emphasis on the character of the Client’s business activity,

– ensuring compliance of the created contracts with all necessary law requirements, in particular civil law, tax law, competition law, copyright law, GDPR,

– analysis of contracts in terms of their compliance with applicable regulations, such as copyright, civil law, GDPR, competition law, abuse of contractual advantage, consumer law.

Stay and work permits for foreigners

– advice on choosing the method of legalization of a foreign employee,

– preparation of documentation necessary to obtain a national and Schengen work visa,

– preparation of applications for a residence permit and employment of foreign workers and representation in the course of the proceedings.

Tax Advising

– optimization of tax returns of entrepreneurs and individuals (including employees) – VAT, CIT, PIT, PCC and other taxes.

– tax advising in the ordinary course of business, including the so-called. compliance,

– transaction advising, including the restructuring of business and creation of contracts, contract templates,

– optimization of financing within groups of companies,

– advice on choosing the best tax model of doing business in Poland

– international tax planning, including the so-called rules CFC,

– financial and tax analysis,

– advising on transfer pricing

– preparation of tax procedures and regulations.


– preparation of documentation related to the processing of personal data,

– ongoing consulting in the field of personal data protection and data management,

– registration of personal data bases,

– representation in the course of inspections and in proceedings conducted by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection,

– preparation of contracts for entrusting the processing of personal data and for the transfer of personal data bases,

– conducting audits of the terms and conditions of personal data processing.